Monday, October 02, 2006

Financial Rounds: Who are My Picks For the Nobel Prize in Economics

It's that time of year again: time to bet on who will be the next Nobel Prize winner in Economics. The Unknown professor over at Financial Rounds does a good job with his two picks.

Who are My Picks For the Nobel Prize in Economics:
"....speculation seems to be heating up for who will get the next Nobel Prize in economics. I'll cast my vote for Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago for his earlier work on market efficiency (and later work on size and market-book effects which seem to contradict his earlier work). If he gets the nod, there's a good chance that his coauthor Kenneth French would share it with him.

A second choice would be The U of Chicago's Richard Thaler"
I would add Michael Jensen although I would say he is more of a long-shot. In reality, and economics (as opposed to finance) person more regulalry wins it. Stay tuned.

BTW does anyone know if there is still a decision market for this prize? I did not see one at does not have one and the Nobelpreisborse seems to be out of business .

But I do see at Tradesports that the Buffalo Bills are the biggest up mover on the over/under wins market. (yeah, I know it is only 6.5 wins, but still, they are up and playing well, so I will take it!)


SMSChat said...

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Thank you. I have bookmarked it.
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Anonymous said...

There's a market at Ladbroke's. There the shortest odds are on Edmund Phelps.