Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jury duty

How can it be that in the course of two weeks I get a ticket for supposedly using a cell phone when driving (I WAS NOT!!! I have no idea what the officer was talking about and my phone log shows I was not--the officer said I might have two cell phones? please search my car--but she would not) AND have jury duty.

LOL....so I had to cancel day classes tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

What the Finance Professor didn't tell you -

The police officer found the folowing items in FP's car:

1. 14 power bars, assorted flavors
2. 9 power bar wrappers, assorted flavors
3. Anwer key to tommorrow's quiz in Corporate Finance
4. Copy of the Micro test that was originally lost during Gresik's graduate school Micro course
5. Miscellaneous books on CD that were not kept in the original cases
6. An old wrinkled tie
7. Yesterday's running clothes
8. Dress shoes
9. Papers -- lots and lots of papers
10. Textbooks from last semester
11. Random sampling of recent academic journals
12. PDA -- it must be somewhere in there
13. Fruit
14. 8 Park and Shop newsletters - 2002, Volume #2
15. 4 Park and Shop newsletters - 2004, Volume #1
16. Bicycle tool kit
17. Old pair of glasses with outdated prescription
18. SBU training manual
19. Opened bottle of Gatorade
20. Numerous medals from various racing events
21. Toothpaste
22. Etc.

FinanceProfessor said...

That is so hilarious! Not sure who (I think I know) but you definitely nailed it!

Anonymous said...

You forgot 337 pairs of cheap sunglasses.

FinanceProfessor said...

guilty as charged