Thursday, May 10, 2007

Assistant professor of Finance at Simon School and still in teens?

From the Australian:
"TWO Russian-born sisters are due to become assistant professors of finance in New York later this year, at the tender ages of 19 and 21, university officials said.Angela Kniazeva and her younger sister Diana were due to take up their new positions in September at the University of Rochester, where half of their students will likely be older than them.

The pair, who already have masters degrees in international policy from Stanford University in California, will pick up their doctorates from New York University's Stern business school after five years of study."
Gee, I feel old now.


Anonymous said...

So before 5 years of study they were 14 and 16, and assume 2 years to get a masters, that made them at 13 and 15 graduates of a university admitable into Stanford?

I knew some 16-yearolds at MIT, but really?

Anonymous said...

i have meet them at conferences. they are pretty good, actually, pretty amazing.

Biomed Tim said...

I get dizzy just thinking about their degrees. Here's a nice article on them:

Russian Prodigies Diana and Anjela Kniazeva Each Pursuing Seventh University Degree