Friday, October 10, 2008

No Shelter in This Storm - Floyd Norris Blog -

Floyd Norris in the NY Times gives some perspective on enormity of this collapse. Amazing. Just a few of the countries (he lists nearly 50 countries):

No Shelter in This Storm - Floyd Norris Blog -
"Singapore, down 45%
India, down 58%
Indonesia, down 50%
Malaysia, down 39%
New Zealand, down 46%
Philippines, down 50%
Pakistan, down 49%
Vietnam, down 61%"
And in a related piece, the BBC lists countries and shows what each is doing to combat the collapse. (ht to Luma on FB!)

Definitely more evidence that correlations increase in bad times (the Butler-Joaquin idea again)


Anonymous said...

Statistics on Vietnam stock market is wrong. The 61% down of the market is not due to the US-spreading financial crisis, but to the bubble of the market itself since previous year. The shock of the crisis on Vietnam stock market is approximate a down of 29% from its recent peak at end of July 2008, which is much lighther than that on other South East Asian countries.

Lacey said...

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