Thursday, February 19, 2009

Warren Buffett speech to MBA Students from a few years ago

In my financial case class (Fin 402) we will be doing a case study on Warren Buffett. In class I mentioned the video presentation of Buffett and Bill Gates when he was at the University of Nebraska. I went looking for it and I found this one. It is very good. It is a talk he gave at the University of Florida. Definitely recommend watching. It is long (over an hour) but well worth it. Have it on as you do something else.

He talks about integrity, why you have to like your job, the unimportance of money for happiness, his misgivings about Beta, barriers to entry, valuation, and much more. (He even has a final test question, mmm, wonder if I should use it!)

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Miguel Barbosa said...

Great Find Professor,

I have that video on SimoleonSense and several others if your interested. Then again I'm biased I like Buffett and I'm from the University of Florida.

Hope all is well,
Take care