Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Money - Advice for Graduates From a Texas Tech Money Major - NYTimes.com

The NY Times did a timely piece for graduates. Interestingly, they had a graduate help write the article.

Your Money - Advice for Graduates From a Texas Tech Money Major - NYTimes.com:

Some highlights:

"I spent hours picking the brain of Madison Nipp, who graduated earlier this month with the highest grade point average of anyone in the major. "

"...Deena B. Katz, an associate professor in the Texas Tech program, said it made sense to her. “Women have better communication skills." "
Wait, whether it is true or not, how can she say that and Laurence Summers..., oh never mind.

Katz again:
"And financial planning is about people more than portfolios.”""

Definitely! Gee, she does have good communication skills.

Other tidbits:

* Credit cards can help get a credit history. So get a card, use it, just don't abuse it.
* Home ownership comes with costs
* Take full advantage of any tax advantaged saving plans. (ESP if company matches at any percentage!)

Good advice!

BTW after the article was this paragraph which might be useful to many of you:
"Ms. Nipp will answer questions next week on nytimes.com/yourmoney. Joining her there will be the authors of the two best books on money for young people that I have ever read: Ramit Sethi, the author of “I Will Teach You to Be Rich,” and Beth Kobliner, who recently updated her 1990s classic “Get a Financial Life.” If you’re a recent college graduate, or simply a parent or relative who’s worried sick about one, please send questions for the trio to yourmoney@nytimes.com and let us know if we can use your name and hometown."

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Recent Grad said...

I just finished reading "I Will Teach You To Be Rich". Great book. Takes you through a step-by-step process on how to effectively begin your financial life. I have been actively recommending it to all of my friends. Very easy read and a solid $14 investment.