Friday, June 12, 2009

A look at inflation from the 1930s

Inflation can save us? Uh, for real?

Clusterstock's BusinessInsider found this "classic". It is a 1930s era video.


Joe Savitsky said...

The problem is that there was little to no inflation during the 1930s, so your point is moot. The rate of inflation did not exceed 4% in any year from 1929 until the US joined WWII in 1941, with several years of deflation. Only during the inflationary war and post-war years did the US economy recover from the depression.

FinanceProfessor said...

Yeah I am not sure I really had a point. I just thought the video was entertaining. But you are right, inflation was basically non-existant in the US during the 1930s in total but there was some "bounce" after the deflationary early 1930s.