Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 things I learned today

I have decided I need to get back to blogging more.  I am not sure where the time will come from, but has to happen, so:

Five things I learned today:

  1.  Diversified firms have less underpricing in IPOs.  This may be caused by signaling quality by the more focused firms. 
The source of this new knowledge is: “Industrial Diversification and Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings” with Thomas Boulton and Scott Smart, 2013, Financial Management, 42, 679-704  Available online:

   2. Better governed firms adjust their capital structure faster.    Especially when further "out of whack"   Source of new knowledge: Liao, Mukherjee, and Wang.  
A look in: 
"...predict that a good corporate governance system would, in
serving the best interest of shareholders, induce managers to make more timely
(upward) adjustments to capital structure deviations."

  3. Dividends have a more pronounced signal (ie are more important) in countries where investor protections are lower.  (FYI this is exactly what I have been hypothesizing in class.  Good to get confirmation.)  
"Results suggest that dividends are more informative in firms with potentially more severe agency problems and in countries with weak investor protection and low transparency" 

  4.  There are roughly 4800 ETFs and ETPs in the world.    ETFs have about $2 trillion invested in them.  SONK:

  5. Credit Default Swaps on US debt are starting to rise in the face of a potential default when the debt ceiling is hit.  SONK:

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