Thursday, December 30, 2004

Red Cross Red Crescent - Make a donation-(updated)

Red Cross Red Crescent - Make a donation

At some level this is not the correct use of this blog, but on another level if it helps, I am willing to break the rules. So this is getting posted on all of my blogs and on the Website itself (later tonight).

After seeing the total destruction caused by the tsunami, I decided to end my week "vacation" and post a link for people to donate.

To say the destruction is horrific is an understatement. Money will not make bring back the lives (estimated now at almost 80,000 and maybe 100,000 or even more!) but may help reduce some of the suffering and even prevent the feared epidemics that the deaths may cause.

CNN has complied a list of aid societies. If you do not want to give to the RedCross/Red Crescent, then pick another. But please give some :)

Added 12/30/04
I was just sent this list of places to donate from as well.

(And yes I am putting my money where my mouth (fingers?) is, and just donated $100.)

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Anonymous said...

Thought you would be interested in this from Mark Cuban's Blog. He has the excellent idea of canceling inauguration parties.

I am sure it won't happen, but great idea none the less!