Friday, September 02, 2005

SBU's response to Hurricane Katrina

Do me a favor, pass this one on. I played a small part in the idea so I really want it to work.

St. Bonaventure is offering free room and board and one-half tuition scholarships to students from higher education institutions in areas affected by the hurricane so those students can continue their studies here at St. Bonaventure on a temporary basis.

“Our doors — and our hearts — are open,” said Sr. Margaret Carney, O.S.F., S.T.D, University president. “We have put into motion every effort to accommodate students from higher education institutions affected by the hurricane and invite them to contact us. Our goal is to help these students continue their education without interruption.”

We're asking all faculty, staff and students to help us by sharing this information with any professional or social organizations you're affiliated with.

"We expect students to return to their home institutions at the earliest possible moment and will make every effort to help them with that transition," said Mary Piccioli, dean of enrollment. "Our classes began August 29, so it’s important that students contact us as soon as possible if they’re interested in attending classes at St. Bonaventure."

Interested students can contact St. Bonaventure via Mary Piccioli at (800) 462-5050, or via e-mail at For full information on St. Bonaventure’s response to Hurricane Katrina, please visit the University’s Web site.


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Anonymous said...

As a Bonnie grad I am proud to see our school going above and beyond the call of duty. Nice work Jim.