Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Hi everyone...

I just wanted to let you know that contrary to popular opinion I have not gone anywhere, just a tad busy. I got a bit too involved in a few different relief "missions" (not sure if that is the right word or not) for the Katrina Victims.

One for the animal victims (we are collecting and shipping down pet supplies, medicines, towels, etc) and then organizing a trip down for the finance club at St. Bonaventure as well to help load trucks and hopefully clean up some in Southern Mississippi. If you would like to donate to either, by all means let me know :)

Added to trying to get a house painted before bad weather, and I just have fallen behind. As I always say, I think things are getting better, and I hope to have two new entries done today.

I also will try to catch up the emails that I have sort of let go.


BTW PSU is 2-0 :) Bills 1-0 and well, I will just ignore the Mets' recent fall from grace.

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