Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm back from Biloxi

Well that was quite a week! All I can say is that the destruction in the Gulf Coast region from Hurricane Katrina is awful. I went to Biloxi MS with a group from SBU. We worked with HandsonUSA.

I have uploaded many pictures and am in the process of posting essays on what it was like.

I would encourage you all to volunteer down there. If you are interested, a large group of us are going down over Spring Break (March 4 to March 12). Email me if interested.

I have several finance oriented posts almost ready. However, I also have much correcting to do, and school work must come first :( so it may be a day or two.


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The Fergoosons said...

Stumbled across your blog while searching for Biloxi pictures. Thanks so much for sharing the look, feels and smells! My brother is there living in the middle of the Chaos and it is killing me that I am not there helping him, so thanks for all your group has done. I will pray that you will all remain healthy and well balanced after such a grueling, life changing experience.