Monday, April 24, 2006

MSN Money - 'Superperks' sweeten executives' pay

Dave sent me the following. It will definitely liven up class discussions! $890,000 for race car driving lessons? I hope he got to keep the car!

MSN Money - 'Superperks' sweeten executives' pay:
"The corporate gravy train is still rolling, and its contents are as odd as ever. A sampling: $890,000 worth of race-car driving lessons for one president's sons, maid service, lawn sprinklers, Bermuda homes and in-home computer maintenance. "
THe $890,000 is from "furniture-rental chain Aaron Rents... for driving instruction for two sons of William Butler Jr. He is a director and president of sales and lease ownership at Aaron Rents."

A close read suggests that the money is only in part for lessons, but still. Oh and the question everyone is asking: what do you get for the money? If race results are any indication, not much:
"Brett Butler places 28th in USAR’s southern division of the Hooters Series, while Ken ranks 32nd in the northern division."

Thanks Dave!

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