Friday, June 29, 2007

A look around and updates on several topics

A relatively quick look around at quite a few topics:

has an interesting article that touches on Front Running, Proprietary Trading, and regulation. A look-in:
" In most cases, however, front-running is vexingly hard to prove. "It's a gray world," says New York University professor Lawrence J. White. "But cooperating to protect high prices and fees is where regulators and plaintiffs are ready to pounce.""

The Corpus Christi CallerTimes has an article by H. Swint Friday on what traditionally has been called "Lifestage" funds:
"...This new mutual fund product is the "Target Retirement Date Fund." These funds often are mutual funds that invest in other funds within the fund family (fund of funds) to construct a portfolio most appropriate for a person planning to retire at a certain date"
Writing for, Scott Rothbout looks at 5 hedging technigues. The five include pairing, shorting, ETFs futures, and options.

Bear Stearns named Jeff Lane to head their Asset management unit.

Squirrels seemingly exhibit increasing risk aversion, from the Washington Post:
"Using...simulations, the researchers considered ...One animal spends lots of time exploring to find the best food and habitat, investing in future reproductive success. The other explores more superficially and quickly, a strategy that emphasizes current reproduction.

The simulation showed that the thorough explorer, who expects to have a good chance to reproduce later, would behave in a more risk-averse way. The superficial explorer, living more for the moment, would behave more boldly....

The more an individual has to lose, the more risk averse it should be.""

BBC reports on the growing competition between Hong Kong and Shanghai....DealBook Reports that in the first 6 months mergers and Acquisitions were over one Trillion Dollars which was a new 6 month record...and also on potential changes in tax code effecting hedge funds.

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