Friday, August 03, 2007

How Murdoch will act at the Wall Street Journal from Greenslade

I love reading the Wall Street Journal. Thus, it has been with largely silent concern that I have watched from a far the takeover by Robert Murdoch. Of course Murdoch has no incentive to ruin the paper, but my worry is that rather than ruin it, he will change it. Make it more mainstream etc. (even more than a liberal-conservative worry, I can see the paper being "dumbed down" to sell more papers. Thus, the Guardian's following quote (actually from the NY Times) is quite appropriate:
How Murdoch will act at the Wall Street Journal from Greenslade: "To that end, I think this remark, by David Carr in the New York Times, reflects the attitude of the overwhelming majority of WSJ readers: 'I will continue to read the Wall Street Journal expecting the best, but keeping an eye out for the worst.'"

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Anonymous said...

Don't you worry that one morning you will pick up your WSJ and read it like you have done for so long... And Murdoch's propaganda will ooze into your brain unnoticed. Then all of us - the now dumbified WSJ readers - will be equally happy with the paper as we were years ago before NewsCorp controlled it. Except now we are reading a newspaper written for 8th grader's... who have sufficient voting and purchasing power to be appetizing to the ones Murdoch is selling us to.