Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FTC Appeals to Court to Undo Whole Foods-Wild Oats Merger -

FTC Appeals to Court to Undo Whole Foods-Wild Oats Merger -
"In an unusual move, the Federal Trade Commission is trying to disrupt the merger of natural-foods grocers Whole Foods Market Inc. and Wild Oats Markets Inc. after the deal has already been consummated. The FTC is asking a Washington appellate court to review a federal-district court ruling in August that allowed the $565 million deal to proceed. The agency, which opposes the combination on antitrust grounds, is asking for an expedited ruling. Its appeal is considered a long shot."
I know I said it back in June, but I still do not see why this deal should not be allowed to go through despite the idiotic comments made by the CEO.

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Anonymous said...

They really are pushing this too far. Their case was weak to begin with and if the FTC is able to brake WFM and WO apart now it will be a terrible blow to these companies.

I have to wonder if any of these people have shopped in a Safeway recently. The idea that Whole Foods has a unique niche is crazy. All they have is better execution than the older markets. Great execution and a beaten down union free crew is what WFM has going for it not some unique market they control.