Saturday, May 01, 2010

Why Executive Pay Is So High -

Granted this is just one side, but there is much truth in it.

Why Executive Pay Is So High -
"... the boards supposedly overseeing management are instead packed with lackeys with appalling frequency. It's a familiar complaint but one that he believes is responsible for out-of-control pay, the short-term greed that helped spawn the recent financial meltdown and a staggering waste of resources. Wilson's solution: Abolish the joint role of chief executive and chairman and install independent bosses to oversee boards.

'From what I've seen, managers are interested in what goes into their pockets and willing to use lots of leverage to add short-term profits, boost the stock price and sell their options,' says Wilson, 70. 'Long-term shareholders risk getting screwed.'

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Chris said...

I loved this analysis!
Thank for sharing this