Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Bills Bonds Idea Receives Some Praise, Some Laughs - Buffalo Rising

I like it...a subsidy that comes not from all, but from those who wish to pay it. Great idea. BTW here is the original Buffalo News piece.

Bills Bonds Idea Receives Some Praise, Some Laughs - Buffalo Rising:
"...proposed by Stevens Brady a 25-year-old investment banker and lifelong Bills fan, involves fans loaning money to the next owner of the Buffalo Bills by purchasing low-interest bonds called Bills Bonds. These bonds would help a new owner cover the purchase of Bills franchise (which Forbes estimates to be near $800 million) and would ease the often onerous interest payments owners face when borrowing money to buy a franchise.

The idea, tweaks the Green Bay Packers community ownership model to comply with the current bylaws of the National Football League, which prevent public ownership. In 1923, with the Green Bay Packers on the brink of bankruptcy, fans bought the team by purchasing shares of Packers stock. NFL Bylaws now prevent Bills fans from replicating this idea, but with a twist, Bills fans could still use the concept.

Indeed this even has a behavioral flavor to it as fans would pay more (accept lower interest rates).

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