Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Cyberlibris blog: You Enjoy Google Scholar? You Gonna Love SmealSearch!

Cyberlibris blog: You Enjoy Google Scholar? You Gonna Love SmealSearch!

When Eric Briys says something, I listen. Not only is he the author of several books on derivatives and one on International Finance (The Fisherman and the Rhinoceros), he also the person who introduced me to blogging. If not enough, he also runs Cyberlibris which is really cool. It is, as they say "the first digital library in Europe." And he also is the main contributor to Cyberlibris Blog.

So when I saw his blog entry today that says there is something better than GoogleScholar, I took notice. Only last week I had sung the praises of Googlescholar, so it was with some apprehension that I clicked on the entry. And lo and behold, the new and improved search engine is a Penn State product! And not only that a Smeal College product! Given that is where my PHD is from, I was excited. Very excited. (ok, so I live a sheltered life).

Check it out. Smealsearch. I have played around with it some (I'll admit not a great deal as my laptop's batteries are about shot) and it looks great. I am not sure if it is fully indexed yet or not. I actually hope not as I could not find a few of my papers nor could I easily find St. Bonaventure, but that said there is NO DOUBT that it will help academic research.

You can search to see what papers reference an author, or you can search for actual papers, or even business schools. It should be a very useful tool!

Again, Smeal Search.

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