Saturday, June 18, 2005

A look around at a few blogs

I have not done one of these look around pieces in a while, so why not?

Freakonomics has an update on the discussion from the book on real estate agents. If you have not read/ristened to the book, in the book Levitt points out a study that finds that real estate agents behave differently when selling their own homes than when they are selling homes for clients. SHOCK! It now seems that the National Association of Realtors is upset. (SHOCK!)^2

Cafe Hayek directs us to a great Thomas Sowell article on Free trade and the Smoot-Hawley tariff.

The Marginal Revolution has an interesting article on musician Shayan, who is selling shares in himself. Uh, ok. At what point will the SEC halt it?

SportsEconomist has a cool piece on public vs. private financing of stadiums. Short version public financing is generally not good. The Sports Economist

FreeMoney Finance points to an article about the difficulty that Muslim homebuyers face when it comes to mortgages. (if you want more on this, check out my Islamic Finance Page.)

PFblog reports that there are now an estimated 7.7 million millionaires. (warning, you have to look through all the ads to find the story!)

Kimsnider's Investment Intelligence touts the benefits of laddered bond portfolios.

time to bike....

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FMF said...

Thanks for the mention!!! I like several of the other articles noted too. ;-)