Sunday, December 25, 2011

Impact Investing - YouTube

Fuqua School of BusinessImage via WikipediaImpact Investing - YouTube: Impact Investing

Duke' Fuqua School of Business just posted this fascinating talk by
It's sort of long, but very interesting talk on Impact Investing!

What is impact investing? I would define it as sort of the marriage between traditional finance and social entrepreneurship that concludes profit based organizations can and do much good.

(Oh and he is right, it sounds better to say "I am a social entrepreneur" than than "I run a charity").

From Wikipedia:
"Impact investing refers to investments made based on the practice of assessing not only the financial return on investment, but also the social and environmental impacts of the investment that happen in the course of the operations of the business and the consumption of the product or service which the business creates. An impact investor seeks to enhance social structure or environmental health as well as achieve financial returns."

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