Sunday, November 25, 2007

BonaResponds "commercial"

My day job is a financeprofessor, but what most on campus know me for is my role in BonaResponds. In that light, you can call this an agency cost problem if you must, but here is an unpaid for advertisement...

Help BonaResponds While Shopping!

Ok, this is easy. All you have to do is click through this link and then shop at any of 100s of stores (Barnes and Noble, Best Buy,, Ebay, even Wal Mart,, Travelocity, Verizon, etc etc. (scores and scores of retailers in all categories!)

Just type in BonaResponds as your charity (in their terms who do you Goodsearch for) and then shop like you would anyways. The retailer will donate a portion of the sale (generally about 3%, but in some cases 5%, 9%, or even 25%) to BonaResponds!!

Support BonaResponds here

And if you are curious about what BonaResponds does, checkout Or better come volunteer with us. You will love it, and if you want we can even talk finance (I actually have two students who are are going in January who have asked me to cover material in the van! So we will be doing international finance and derivatives on the drive down and back in my van.)

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