Monday, March 09, 2009

Simoleon Sense's weekly roundup

Trying to catch up from being gone last week got a bit easier thanks to Simoleon Sense's weekly roundup:

Weekly Wisdom Roundup #18 | Simoleon Sense:
"Here are some links to articles that didn’t make our front page. Several of the articles are very insightful I highly recommend reading them. As always, the articles are from different fields but should make you a more well rounded..."

Great stuff!


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,

Thank you for kindly linking to my Weekly Roundup. I'm happy your back. I look forward to reading your upcoming material.

Best Regards,

Miguel Barbosa

Anonymous said...

Yea, the "free" book has since been removed from the website, due to civil threat of action. Copyright enfringement. Talk about a lesson in economics!
-- Junk Bond Trader, Longmont, CO