Friday, March 27, 2009

South Park's take on the Economic Crisis

I did not see this on TV, but several of my students brought it to my attention. HILARIOUS!

YouTube - South Park - Episode 1303 - Margaritaville (HQ) - Part 1/3: "Randy steps forward with a solution to fix the desperate financial state everyone finds themselves in. The town gets behind him and everyone starts to live a life that no longer depends on any economy at all."

There are three parts of it on YouTube (the other parts are linked on the right). You can also see the whole thing on

The third one, linked below, is at once hilarious, repulsive, and silly. REMEMBER IT IS A CARTOON. No Chickens were killed in the filming of the episode.


rasha said...

My personal best from this episode is the way FED makes decision based on "charts".

Eric said...

It's about time you took notice of this. I was beginning to worry. Absolutely brilliant!
"Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...its gone..."