Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tweets of the week

Have not done this in a while, but since class just started I figured I would point out some really cool tweets of note. Not very diversified today, but ran out of time and the transaction costs of diversification were too high.

From Wayne Marr
  1. [Harvard HBS, BA680] How Marvel Went from Bankruptcy to $4B Buyout
  2. [SSRN] CFOs and CEOs: Who have the most Influence on earnings management?
  3. [SSRN] Which leverage factors are consistently important for capital structure decisions of firms around the world
  4. Urban Institute suggest the stock market collapse will have small effects on most Americans' retirement incomes
  5. RT @setandgoprods: STATS: Young People Are Flocking to Twitter GOOD!
  6. [bePress] Bob Schiller -People just don't seem to understand how little housing should and will appreciate long term
  7. [Harvard, HBS] The key to effectiveness? FOCUS
  8. [CIRANO] Study finds that option-implied volatility and skewness are also good predictors of future realized beta
  9. [St. Louis FED] Can the term spread predict changes in economic activity?
  10. [Simon Johnson, MIT] The nature of modern finance [Simon teaches finance courses at MIT!]
  11. [Harvard, SSRN] Competition between FASB and the IASB is better than a converging of FASB & IASB.
  12. [NBER, SSRN] Paper's two-factor model is as successful empirically as the three-factor Fama-French model.
  13. [SSRN] Analysts do not efficiently incorporate information into their forecasts and stock valuations
  14. [SSRN] Credible hedging commitments reduce the agency costs of debt
  15. [Greg Mankiw, Harvard] Harvard freshman seminar this semester reading list
  16. [WSJ] Big firms quick to collect, slow to pay [Basic Finance if you can do it!]
  17. [Felix Salmon] The efficient markets hypothesis in fund fees - [easy read]
  18. [The Economist, BA325] EXCELLENT & USEFUL Big Mac index, guide to valuing currencies
  19. [SSRN] Compensation paid to audit committees is positively correlated with audit fees and SOX
  20. [Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia] The financial crisis one year after
  21. [Fama/French - Chicago] How Unusual Was the Stock Market of 2008? [EXCELLENT PAPER, EXCELLENT GRAPHS]
  22. [SSRN] Can auditors can effectively use non-financial measures to help detect financial statement fraud

  1. Is the S.E.C. More or Less Scary Today?: Let's say you are currently running your own shady investment scheme. P..
  2. Biblical Property Rights: Deuteronomy 23:25-26 reflects the limits on altruism: When thou comest into thy ne..
  3. The Strangely Powerful Placebo: It's got the pharmaceutical industry worried enough to fund a major study to ide..

Simoleon Sense
  1. Media Multitaskers Pay Mental Price: Tagline: Attention, multitaskers (if you can pay attention, that is): Your ..
  2. Individual rationality can mean collective irrationality & An Institutional Theory of Momentum and Reversal: I l..
  3. Countries and Culture in Behavioral Finance: How cultural differences influence investor behavior. Click Here To..
  4. Are You Smarter than a CFA’er?: Is this a light way of saying CFA’s match markets better than MBAs (insert..
  5. BBC Documentary: The History Of Gold: The perfect documentary for a relaxing weekend. Enjoy! (Big Hat Tip to Edw..
  1. New on Harvard’s Corporate Governance Forum: Shareholder Activism, Say on Pay and Executive Compensation,
  2. New on Harvard’s Corporate Governance Forum: Treasury Inc.: How the Bailout Reshapes Corporate Theory & Practice,

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