Monday, February 01, 2010

25 Years of Finance - CFO Magazine - January/February 2010 Issue -

25 Years of Finance - CFO Magazine - January/February 2010 Issue -
"...the CFO role has broadened dramatically, in many companies expanding to that of a de facto chief operating officer. As the role has expanded, so too has the CFO's sphere of influence. As for the concern that finance chiefs too often play the fall guy…well, some changes take longer than others.

The CFO position, in fact, entails even more risk today, thanks to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Complying with that sweeping regulatory change represents just one of many seismic shifts that CFOs have had to adjust to over the past quarter century. A CFO who had a Rip Van Winkle moment in 1985 and fell asleep for 25 years would awaken today to a vastly different world, both within his own department and throughout the entire realm of business."


Ann Julie said...

CFO role has really widen in the last few years. Chief Financial Officer is responsible for all the movements of money in and out of the company. It gets even more hectic when company is not doing well. CFO magazine is probably the best read for CFOs around the world.

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