Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some CEOs Are Selling Their Companies Short - BusinessWeek

Some CEOs Are Selling Their Companies Short - BusinessWeek:
"'There is no question these transactions should be a red flag for investors,' says Carr Bettis, the co-founder of forensic accounting firm Gradient Analytics and co-author of a recent study on hedging. 'The evidence is pretty compelling that hedges tend to be used before bad news hits the market.' Bettis' research found that in the year after executives and directors had engaged in hedging, their company's stock often dropped markedly. He also found evidence of an increase in financial restatements and shareholder lawsuits during the same period. Executives at MCI, Enron, ImClone (IMCL), Krispy Kreme—companies that suffered some of the great stock melt-downs of the last decade—hedged their shares."

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