Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inside the Secret $178 Million Tesla IPO Presentation

Tesla Roadster Engineering Prototype at Yahoo!.Image via Wikipedia
Inside the Secret $178 Million Tesla IPO Presentation:
"After selling just over 1000 cars since 2008 and recording its first — and only — profitable quarter in July of 2009, Tesla Motors is going public. The company will be offering 11.1 million shares to investors, at an expected valuation of $14 to $16 each, for up to $177.6 million in capital. It's a big-money step for a company that has until this point relied on hundreds of millions in funding from private investors and low-interest government loans."

It goes on to give a fascinating story of how the firm HOPES to make money by selling cars that will cost about $60,000.

This one will DEFINITELY be used in class when we are talking about IPOs!

AND you can actually watch the roadshow (plus others) here.

Thanks to Carl P for pointing this one out to me.

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