Thursday, December 11, 2008

U.S. Says It Will Bail Out Christmas -

U.S. Says It Will Bail Out Christmas -
"Government officials are said to be concerned at the risk that the collapse of Santa Claus could pose to the nation's intricately related system of holiday happiness. Though a failure by Santa Claus poses the largest systemic risk, the government is also prepared to step in to bail out Christmas trees, caroling parties and mistletoe producers.....Inside Treasury, some officials privately worry that such a precedent could result in the nationalization of Santa Claus, leading to similar calls for help next year from the Easter Bunny and even Valentine's Day. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson personally concluded, however, that "Santa Claus is too big to fail.""
Read the whole thing here.

Hilarious....I had not seen this! Thanks JZ

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movie fan said...

Merry Christmas from Uncle Sam... fake money!