Thursday, December 18, 2008

'A university bailout? from

'Shovel-Ready' on Campus -
"With the Big Three seeking a bailout from Washington,...executives of 36 public universities, state university systems and higher-education associations, urging Congress and President-elect Obama to rescue them.

Mr. Obama has already promised to expand federal subsidies to higher education by increasing Pell grants and making student-loan terms more permissive. The university chiefs seek an additional 'federal infusion of capital' -- as much as $45 billion -- to build new facilities, especially 'green' ones."


Rich said...

The universities are probably a more positive NPV usage of the money than the big three!

BH--Lover of Chocolate Cake said...

I'd rather see students get the benefit of bail-out dollars. Feeding the demand side of any of these "bail-out" problems would do far more good than giving a blank check to these sleazeball fatcats.