Saturday, November 20, 2010

Video time: Simpsons on flashing, Bubbles, and Monkeys!

The weekend is a good time to catch up on some videos, so here are some. (And
I want my students to watch these, so I better make use a flashy article name!)

Three somewhat fun, but also pretty interesting videos:

The May Flash Crash was back in the news, so we will start off with this. You remember the flash crash. It was when stock markets fell with amazing speed back in May.
Flash Crash. Markets don't move that fast! (One of the theories was that someone with fat fingers just hit the wrong order. Now it may be just a metaphor, but the Simpson's make it interesting.  

For what it is worth, the Wikipedia article on the so-called flash crash is pretty good.

Christ Martensen does a good job with a 15 minute video on Bubbles.

and finally a Ted Talk by Laurie Santos that looks at predictable irrationality and Monkeys. (sorry if you don't like monkeys ;) )

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