Wednesday, April 13, 2011

E-mails filed in suit against Facebook's Zuckerberg

E-mails filed in suit against Facebook's Zuckerberg:
"Ceglia...filed the suit last June, submitting as evidence a personal services contract he signed with Zuckerberg in 2003 to prove he owned 84 percent of Facebook. In an interview with Bloomberg News, Ceglia said he only remembered that contract in 2009 while searching through old files following his arrest by New York troopers on charges of fraud against his wood pellet firm's customers.

Ceglia claims that he agreed to pay Zuckerberg, then a Harvard freshman, $1,000 to write the code for a company he was starting, StreetFax LLC. The contract also claimed Ceglia invested $1,000 in Zuckerberg's project called both 'The Face Book' and 'The Page Book.''

Facebook has called the contract a forgery."
Several things:
* Ceglia is from Allegany County our neighboring county.
* The suit was filed in Buffalo
* I would guess the IPO will be postponed a while longer.

I have to think that just happening to find it is a bit strange, but then again, maybe he has a filing system like mine ;)

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