Monday, April 11, 2011

Prediction comes true? Wow.

The New York Stock Exchange in 1882 by America...Image via WikipediaBefore's Blog (and before BonaResponds so I had some time ;) ), I wrote a weekly newsletter on finance.  I remember well writing about an article (but can not find it) maybe a decade ago about the future of the NYSE.  One of the people thought it would make a good bowling alley.

I liked the idea and have used it in class to demonstrate that while historic and traditional etc, the NYSE has changed so much that the floor of the exchange is not really needed as it used to be.

Then in 2005 the idea that the NYSE property was not being used to it's fullest potential in this piece that suggested residential properties. 

Well it is now 2011 and the NYSE is building is being renovated to-------host parties!  Really.

From NYSE gets a Facelift:

"The New York Stock Exchange has lost most of its famous shoulder-to-shoulder bustle in the age of computerized trading. So it's hoping its status as an icon of American finance will be a popular draw for cocktail receptions, analyst presentations and other festivities."

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Jake said...

Well I suppose every thing has to move with the times, and it would be a pretty prestigious venue to host a party. I am glad they didn't go for the bowling alley idea!