Wednesday, May 03, 2006

FEN interview with Jack Treynor

This one should not be missed. FEN has an interview (text) with Jack Treynor (yeah that Jack Treynor, the person who helped devlop CAPM) .
"Jack Treynor is one of the river gods of finance. He helped develop the Capital Asset Pricing Model, which relates risk and expected return, in the early 1960s and spearheaded the field of performance measurement for investment funds. Over the decades Treynor’s reputation as a fearless, maverick thinker who clears his own path into topics that catch his interest has become legendary. Treynor developed a version of what became the Capital Asset Pricing Model in 1962, before the 1964 publication of William Sharpe’s paper laying out what became the CAPM. Treynor never published his paper. John Lintner, an economist at Harvard Business School, published a version of the CAPM in 1965. "

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