Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two recent purchases turn out to be great "investments"

No, just because the blog is now "listed" on TheMoneyBlogs (check it out, it is pretty cool!), I am not going to start giving stock predictions. Rather these are investments in learning!

1.Advances in Behavioral Finance Volume II edited by Richard Thaler. Just get it. Yeah I have read many of the articles in the text before, so what. Context matters and Thaler does a wonderful job of putting the articles in just the right context to get a better understanding of the field. Indeed, the preface plus chapter 1 (Survey of Behavioral Finance by Nicholas Barberis and Thaler) are worth the price of admission! (BTW Volume I was also good. I reread it (skimmed it) a few months ago and it did serve a good reminder of the key papers from the field.)

2. The DVD of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Yeah it might be a tad slanted against Enron from the start, but it is very entertaining (I rode my indoor trainer while watching it and ended up doing an extra 30 minutes!) and informative. (I especially loved the audio from California.) Very well done, even a pretty cool soundtrack! Maybe the first time I have liked a movie better than the book.

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