Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thomas Friedman on Google Video

Long time followers of know I am a big fan of Thomas Friedman. From his early books to The World is Flat and most of his NY Times articles, I think I have read everything he has written. I may not agree with everything, but at least I have read it (or more aptly ristened to it) and agreed with MOST of it.

Thus, I was excited when I found the following from Google Video (one of my new favorite sites).

From Charlie Rose (actually with guest host John Doerr): On energy and much more. He also talks about entrepreneurship, a gas tax, geo-green, globalization (a little), and even a bit on social responsibility and incentives. And much more. (BTW the link says 99 cents, but I think that is to buy, I watched it for free) (from May 22, 2006):

For all Google Video on Thomas Friedman check out this search.

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